Friday, September 15, 2006

The Real Story

As promised, here's a synopsis of the application process to date:

Sept 26 - University of Chicago (Pritzker) interview
Sept 29 - University of Pittsburgh interview
Oct 3 - St. Louis University interview
Oct 13 - University of Pennsylvania interview
Oct 16 - Ohio State University interview

Interviews that I have not yet scheduled but have been invited to: Vanderbilt University, New York University

Schools that have put me "on hold": University of California - San Diego

Applications I've yet to finish: Duke University, Emory University, University of Washington

Mind you, when I was beginning this process, I didn't really plan on hearing back from any schools until sometime in October, so having these interviews scheduled already certainly puts a smile on my face. The hard part, of course, is the travel time that will take me away from classes and coursework at Miami. From September 21st until October 4th, for example, I will only be back at Miami for one full day, due to traveling for interviews, visiting friends in random cities, and a concert. Needless to say, it'll make my current classes more challenging.

Currently listening to: "Sound of a Gun" by Audioslave
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Next thing on the agenda: Picking up some IBC cream soda


Pants said...

IBC cream soda would really hit the spot right now. I('d) B(e) C(in) it to my gullet and drinking it down, ditty down, down, down.

Pants said...

p.s. Craaaaaaaaazy! You're going to have a kickass last semester.