Tuesday, May 04, 2010

PIGS like US

The international and domestic news media has had a lot of coverage lately on the proposed economic bail-out for Greece, the "G" of the "PIGS" of Europe (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain--all major debtor countries in the EU). As we in the US recline on our financed Laz-E-Boyz in our homes we can't afford and observe Europe's response to Greece, and as the Greeks experience growing unrest over the austerity measures being implemented in an attempt to avoid total default on their debt, we would be wise to turn inward and consider our own growing economic problems. We and the PIGS are not so different.

I really hope this guy gets elected to the Senate. Regardless of the political party with which he affiliates himself (it'd be nice to be rid of the labels altogether, and possibly some group-think and party survival tactics along the way), the Senate and Congress more broadly are in dire need of clear-mindedness like this.