Monday, September 18, 2006

Updating the schedule

Having received an interview invitation from good ol' Mizzou, and having scheduled my interview with NYU while rescheduling with OSU, here is an update of the travel schedule:

Sept 21 - Tool concert in Columbus
Sept 26 - University of Chicago (Pritzker) interview
Sept 29 - University of Pittsburgh interview
Oct 3 - St. Louis University interview
Oct 7 - friends' wedding in Columbus
Oct 13 - University of Pennsylvania interview
Oct 16 - New York University interview
Oct 30 - University of Missouri interview
Nov 1 - Ohio State University interview

Interviews that I have not yet scheduled but have been invited to: Vanderbilt University

Schools that have put me "on hold": University of California - San Diego

Applications I've yet to finish: Duke University, Emory University, University of Washington

In other news, don't get into a discussion of immigration policy in a class titled "Cultural Diversity in American Film." It will inevitably be the most uninformed debate in which you'll ever participate.

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