Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wisdom from a Shaved Head

A thought crossed my mind recently. Yes, just one. After shaving my head this past May, I have yet to be around too many other individuals with shaved heads. However, I believe it is for the better: if too many shaved heads are seen together, people begin to suspect them to be unsavory characters. A shaved head becomes a Skinhead, with all the connotations that come with it. Remember this nugget.

Also, I hope everyone is tuning in to VH1 tonight at 10pm Eastern for Flavor of Love. This should prove to be an earth-shaking episode, with New York having re-entered the competition for Flav's heart. Last week, when the infamous New York was placed in charge of the house and was to help Flav with that episode's elimination, I found myself repeating uncontrollably, "Oh my gosh, she's such a crazy bitch!" My mouth is certainly one of the cleaner mouths you'll encounter (excluding those of dogs, who have supremely clean mouths), but the woman's irrational knee-jerk antics propelled the utterance instinctively from my tongue. Watch, and you will be convinced of this. Yeahhhh boyyyyyyyy!

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