Thursday, March 19, 2009

The all-nighter: tools of the trade

Material to be covered:
Clinical pathophysiology and therapy for all things pertinent to diseases of the endocrine system, liver and biliary tract, central and peripheral nervous systems, psychiatry and rheumatology.

Large beef fried rice (1)
Cinnamon raisin bread (1 full loaf)
Quarters for vending machine-derived liquid rejuvenation (1 pocket full)
Baby carrots (1 large bag)
Apple (3)
Toothbrush and toothpaste (1 pair)
Razor for morning shave (1)
Stick of deodorant (1)
Eye drops and contact lens case (1 set)
24/7 library (2)
Fortune cookie (1)

"It's nice to be remembered, but it's far cheaper to be forgotten." This seems negative, and therefore will be taken as a bad omen.

Study and eating time left as of this posting (10:15pm):
10 hours and 15 minutes

Exam duration:
5 hours

Time left as of this posting until I leave for Israel for spring break:
41 hours and 45 minutes

Wish me luck.

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Adam & Christine Stier said...

Good luck, Luke! And Bon Voyage!