Monday, July 30, 2007

10 & 2

I never took any formal driving classes when I was growing up, but we all know the standard hand positions for the steering wheel: 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. I presume this has been studied over and over and that these studies have conclusively and without question found that these positions offer the greatest stability and control for the driver who abides by the 10 and 2 prescription.

But what isn't taught are the more practical benefits of such positions for your hands while driving. How often I have been engaged in a lengthy drive to meet people for a special occasion. Perhaps it was an interview. Perhaps it was a reunion with old friends. Perhaps it was a quixotic journey to discover why the chicken crossed the road. Either way, when I step out of that car, I want to appear fresh, not expired; huggable and lovable, maybe. Next time you're in your vehicle, take note of the location of your vents: in nearly every vehicle, the vents are strategically located to supplement the 10 and 2 hand position for those hot days when a long drive (or, I suppose nerves, if you're a nervous sweater) could produce unseemly moisture under your arms. How so? When putting your hands in the 10 and 2 position, the vents can be directed directly up the cuffs of your sleeves, cooling you right where you need it to maintain that fresh feeling and appearance until you arrive at your final destination.

What is more, the 10 and 2 position provides for optimal finger drumming during your melodious migration. This is not to be understated, as any worthwhile driving should be accompanied with a fusillade of phalanges that would make Danny Carey proud.

Let those fingers fly, and let those pits be purified...all at 10 and 2.

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